Athenta Surveillance & Analytics (Vigilante)

Safety is one of the most critical need to achieve this, becoming increasingly challenging and complex. The solution is world-class surveillance solutions addressing concerns of Small, Medium, and Large businesses.

A centralized surveillance & security system detecting and recording security events from distributed locations, managing network-based capabilities efficiently, and flexible infrastructure for physical security operations is needed. A flexible and integrable solution is necessary for systems working in silos and any future up-gradation.

Athenta Vigilante

Athenta Vigilante is an open, integrated framework developed to keep pace with changing security & surveillance technologies in modern facilities and designed to stand any future changes/upgrades. Combining physical and logical securities for large office buildings, railways/metro stations, malls, or hospitals, it also makes sure that all the security end devices are actively contributing as per pre-defined policies.

An AI + ML (Artificial Intelligence + Machine Language) based system avoids false alarms and creates an impregnable security layer through its security & surveillance components 24x7x365.

Through "Security Operations Management System," it immediately acts on any alerts from the feeds based on formulated workflows while generating event logs simultaneously.

Athenta Vigilante makes sure that everything is driven and working by the "Standard Operating Environment, (SOE)."

Athenta Vigilante Features

Physical Security

Athenta Vigilante is responsible for managing all the equipment which are part of the system Infrastructure. It secures Organizations / Enterprise / Building from all angles. Any person entering any sensitive area, or the restricted area illegally would be tracked down automatically.


Apart from 24x7x365 working of CCTVs, the designated area & angle, and mandate to cover the entire area of a Building / Area / Premise or Closed Zones with recording is taken care of.

Fire Fighting

A proactive approach is taken to minimize fire accidents. Incipient Smoke or Short Circuit is identified via incident AI processing, recognized, and immediately alerted to the Security staff. Impact & Root Cause of any incident is tracked instantly. Reporting is either by phone, e-mail, or the self-service portal.

Entry-Exit Gates

All entry-exits being under surveillance stops unauthorized entries while generating alert for a suspicious person based on access control rules. All entries are documented with identities and collected at the Building / Area / Premise entry-point. It maintains audit trails of every individual.

Log Maintenance

It maintains the security& access log with detailed on the central secured storage. Data are saves as per rules for any future analysis. It can be reviewed manually.

Athenta Vigilante Deployment Advantages

• Real-time Visualize
Vigilante platform ensures all cameras are working, and all security devices are working in tandem. The system is equipped to manage every situation including availability & monitoring of electrical power, network, bandwidth. Any change in such areas is noticed & informed to avoid pitfalls in surveillance.

• Vigilant Eyes

Smallest of events are captured and notified averting any possible disaster. The platform helps to track every individual's movement track, which can be provided as evidence in-hand later.

• Safety & Security

All Surveillance & security equipment is registered on a GIS map with Tracking option 24x7. It manages all the SOPs, including maintaining the safety & security of the Human & assets.

• Surveillance Inventory

All the Surveillance and Security devices are identified even in distributed networks irrespective of OEM, Make, Model, or Device Performance. It captures all the statistics as per the defined policies for keeping a check on the device's health.

Applications Area

• Railway.
• Metro.
• Special Forces.
• Law Enforcement Agencies.
• Emergency Services.
• Customs & Excise.
• Enterprise Infrastructure.
• Oil and Gas.
• Asset Protection.
• Government Buildings and Assets.
• Public Places like Malls, Gardens, Residential Areas.
• Manufacturing Industry.

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