Fire and Security Management (Vigilante)

Many a times, It has been observed that significant amount of money, time and efforts go in placing fire management equipments in industrial areas, malls, buildings complexes and townships etc.

Somehow these equipments seldom prevent fire proactively since they operate as Fire alarm systems.

Athenta has devised tools to enable fire safety proactively through following means:

  • By integrating fire panels of different makes and models and bringing them to a centralised management console.
  • By controlling emergency access gates to provide a cautious evacuation methodology, in case fire erupts.
  • By Integrating fire panels, cameras and access control to a single intelligent tool to manage interrelated events and save lives & protect properties.
  • By integrating with Public address system (PAS) to send broadcast when needed.

Our Tools perform following functions:

  • 24x7 Proactive Management – High Service & Business Availability.
  • Eliminate Manual Interventions and associated errors.
  • Manage inter dependencies between fire & smoke detection equipment and fire panel.
  • Instantly Identify Root cause of a problem and its location.
  • Provide a central console to have bird’s eye view of the entire premises.

Why Athenta:

  • Multi-vendor/ multi-protocol support. Seamless data sharing to build a “collaborative decision making system”.
  • Fully customizable dashboard view & reports for C- level executives.
  • Pre-integrated framework – Reduce implementation time & cost (up to 40% lesser than competition).
  • Appliance based solution – Low TCO, requires no extra investment to buy additional hardware/software.
  • Industrial class PLCs with high processing capability – Rugged, reliable, intelligent PLC with high MTBF.
  • All our tools subscribe to international standards.