Transdaq is the manager of managers (MOM) solution for all the subsystems in an urban transport environment. Seamlessly managing all the IT & NON-IT equipment working in Silos.

Athenta Urban Transport Solution (Transdaq)

In this time of exponential growth of urbanization, its essential to provide sustainable infrastructure to withstand the growing transportation demands including high-performing railway connections in mass intracity and intercity transit.

India, a fast growing MRT system hub caters complex transportation and supply chains through commerce corridors maintaining reliability, safety, and security of millions with excellent personalised experience. However, Intelligent MRT Solutions on unified UI with converged Communication Architecture supporting full array of mission & business critical tasks has become increasingly essential. Despite of best efforts it lacks standardization, integration of various systems and comprehensive Operations & maintenance.

Athenta Transdaq

Transdaq is the manager of managers (MOM) system that controls all the subsystems from a single console in a metro T-SCADA project. It manages the subsystems, even without their respective subsystems. Transdaq saves the cost of all the EMSs and NMSs for all the subsystems for any given project. It also builds security envelop over all the physically accessible locations in a metro project.

Transdaq Integrated Rail & Metro Management System is an integrated approach of all systems working in silos, including Low voltage equipment steadily without interfaces or embedded protocols bringing a solid Physical Security Infra Management (PSIM) layer along with the above.

The entire setup becomes self-reliant and self-sustained with minimal Operation and Maintenance costs. It handles sheer unabated demand by massive existing systems and future expansion.

Athenta Transdaq Features

Subsystem Management

All infra Systems and subsystems are managed from a single console seamlessly. It universally compatible and integrable with any other OEM solution. It also managed SLA and SLT for any subsystem on a real-time basis through our Athenta Operation & Management Solution (AOMS).

Operation & Maintenance

Smooth functioning of the challenges, tasks, and resolutions based on integrated workflow and rule engines, It efficiently channelizes all processes including ticketing, work orders, provisioning, helpdesk and especially Operation & Management. AI+ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) frameworks if used for information analysis and project value-driven insights into productivity and resource consumption.

Electrical Network

It maps the entire electrical network of all the stations, i.e., the SLD. The LT panel to the end device, viz to the HVAC, or the Elevator, to name a few. So, in case of any electrical problem, it tracks the exact area of the problem.


Complete solution including design, engineering, and implementation of a tailor-made technical solution for the real needs of security on railway transport is provided. All of the cameras deployed with the access controls, X-ray machines, and metal detectors are captured 24x7. Features like face recognition, and fire detection, helps in improving cleanliness across all the stations.

Integrated Communication

All the information is centralised at control center for an integrated and optimised processing. The platform monitors and manage, captures, reports and audits every event. It integrates the monitoring and control of electromechanical installations, power supply, ventilation, lighting, escalators, and air conditioning at stations and over the line.

Passenger Information System

The passenger information system provides real-time rail traffic information and provides an advanced dynamic information platform on screens, information boards (departures/arrivals), information totems, mobile phones, and websites. It also disseminates background music, advertising, and audio messages (speech synthesis).

Transdaq Deployment Advantages

• 360 Degree Management under One Umbrella
Single management console managing entire infrastructure with top of the class security including telecom network for inter stations communication, LT Panels, OAIT, EPABX, FAS, PIDS, PAS, Master Clock, CCTV system, Lifts, Escalator, HVAC, DG Sets, All kind of Pumps, and UPS

• Infrastructure Insights & Analysis
Time synched alarms from different parts of the railway infrastructure. Impact analysis of one equipment on another

• Real-time Visualization
Precisely designed and configured for quick intimation and immediate corrective action. It also visualizes all electrical and mechanical equipment at macro & micro level.

• Operational Efficiency
Optimized asset utilization in the railway’s infrastructure. Predicting failures in various equipment. Highlights productivity losses wherever services are failing thus reducing ‘mean time to recovery’ (MTTR) considerably, quick resolution to daily issues, and optimum utilization of resources.

• Safety & Security
Complete situational awareness at all times, it excuted pre-defined emergency operation on sensing emergencies like fire ensuring safety and maximum uptime. It also indicates replacements of non-functional / damaged equipment.

• Revenue Generation
Transdaq, currently being used to manage the railway infrastructure, can also be used to manage the bus operations.

• Asset Life-cycle
With constant proactive alerts, from the equipment. We get to understand the efficiency of the production environment round the clock. Integrated helpdesk/trouble ticketing system with the problem and resolution management.

• Inventory
Its inter-systems macro and micro mapping capabilities help Identifying equipment with its details, including location. It alerts the Administrator with all the details, which is used to decide on the faulty device.

Application Area

• Railway
• Metro
• Other Intra / Intercity Transit System

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