Smart Cities

India since the last 15yrs or so started building infrastructures in and around every metro and its class “A” cities. Every infrastructure built, caters to some business values. Atleast that is what is expected. Now sustenance of these infrastructures is the next most important thing, so that the infrastructure can deliver its value over the time. The infrastructure management would be key to stop people movement from far-flung remote areas to the metro cities for services especially like medical facilities and jobs.

All smart cities would have multiple heterogeneous types of equipments, which need to work together to deliver the essence of the final infrastructure created.
The silo-based management does not help these large and complex infrastructures to sustain for more than few years. It takes almost a couple of years to get such infrastructures constructed. But as soon as the experts leave the infrastructure, after its so called commissioning, it starts to crumble. There are multiple examples in this country of such happenings.

Athenta’s products manage complex architectures. The solution enhances the business service assurance value and makes sure that the infrastructure build is delivering to the business requirement, which it was developed for.

Athenta’s solution framework helps manage:

  • Sustenance of the install build
  • Immaculate planning for gauging capacity management issues when it comes to any infrastructure
  • Quick fault detection and automated start of remedial procedures, where ever applicable
  • Inter dependency management between technologies being used for in any such project

The areas where 3 Cs should be actively involved are:

  • Central and state administration
  • Police
  • Public works dept.
  • Municipal board for the area
  • Hospitals
  • Fire brigade
  • Solid Waste Management

Athenta offers umbrella management, which would help the above departments to interact with each other and deliver goods for the citizens.

From the above diagram, we would cover:

  • E-governance and citizen services
  • Part of water management
  • Energy management as a whole
  • Urban mobility
  • Management of the Infrastructure, which would be constructed from the “others” category

Athenta provides O&M cover to every such city

  • 360 Degree Security
  • Process management for rehabilitation during and after any natural calamity
  • Power problems
  • Issues on waste collection, etc
  • Building management solutions