Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Smart Cities and Infrastructures are in immense need of centralized management, which monitor and control the sites equipments at the same time. Since these equipments are more multiple vendors and have different interfaces and protocols, we need to use PLC’s to tap them and bring their inputs to the center. Typically in a distributed environment, the PLC’s get hooked to the Site aggregators, which finally connect with the central aggregator.

Athenta’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an exceptionally rugged embedded controller for such needs and operates in harsh environments. Its -20 to 70°C temperature range allows it to operate outdoors in both hot summer days and cold winter nights. PLC has IP 65 enclosure, which makes it even more robust. Athenta PLC’s are also energized with AES engine.

Features of the Solution

  • Rugged Body
  • Micro Processor Based
  • SNMP Based Monitoring
  • RS232/485 Based Monitoring
  • Extended capability to monitor & control
  • Analogue (AI/AO)
  • Digital Inputs(PFC, No-NC, Relays)
  • High Availability PLC Services to be in operation-mode 24x7 without disrupting Monitoring Services.
  • 3rd Party Integration

Business Benefits

  • Ambience Management and Monitoring of HVAC(High as well as Low Side), Temperature, Humidity, CO2 & other gases.
  • Sensor Monitoring including various sensors such as motion, flow, level sensor etc.
  • Power Management including Grids, Substation, Buildings, Remote Locations.
  • Renewable Energy Management including Solar/Wind Infrastructure monitoring.
  • Water Management for Water Tanks, Pumps, STP etc
  • Safety Management and Monitoring for Fire Alarm Systems, VESDA, WLD, Rodent Repellents