Athenta Operations Management System (AOMS)

Athenta’s OMS Functional areas include:

  1. Asset Inventory
  2. Facility Maintenance
  3. Logistics management
  4. Economic management
  5. Energy and environment management
  6. GIS support

AOMS closes the end which Athenta’s infrastructure management tool opens while detecting a fault or a performance issue. AOMS acknowledges the issue and closes it through a automated process. Incase a automated process is not in place, it marks the issue to a competent technitian or engineer to get it closed. The tool monitors the acknowledgement time and the turn around time, as the issue/issues are closed.

Athenta is making such products in India, which can manage complex architectures. Athenta tools have already been tried and tested in a few large organizations in the transport segment, automotive sector, Defence labs and in a few security and surveillance projects. The solution enhances the business service assurance value and makes sure that the infrastructure build is delivering to the business, which the same was developed for.