IoT platform, ideal for managing an industry, building, or a smart city by smartly integrating all the systems working in silos across the city/zone/area.

Athenta Integrated Infrastructure Management Solution (IIMS)

For an effective and efficient Smart City, it is essential to consider the way we measure the performance and success of various smart city initiatives over some time (i.e., quarterly).

For measuring the accountability of the services with set metrics and accuracy is essential, including feedbacks. Predicting issues based on information gathering for a short time and longtime gains is also crucial; to achieve it, various subsystems, managing different strata of the smart city, must be engaged in a whole new structure. Athenta IIMS has accomplished the same with ease. Multiple implementations across the country, are testimony to the fact.

Athenta IIMS

Athenta Technologies, Pioneers in consolidated monitoring and correlating between different subsystems in India. Athenta Integrated Infrastructure Management System is a superior platform, which provides;
• Impact Analysis of one subsystem on another.
• Singulated management of the Electrical and Telecom network.
• Operations Management laced with Preventive Predictions and resolving issues within the defined SLAs.
• Multiple Dashboards for various functionaries of the city.
• Unified Management of IoT, IT, and NON-IT from a Single Platform.

Possible only with patented pattern correlation. Athenta IIMS - CCC software keeps a constant vigil on the SLA deliveries. We maintain that sustenance and maintenance of all corners of any smart city, which is our principal responsibility.

Athenta IIMS Features

Comprehensive Dashboard

This Comprehensive self-service Dashboards for incident analysis, post-processing, and reporting lets operators or officials personalize their views, including statistical widgets, incident views, incident ratio, impacted areas, intuitive graphs, insight reports. It provides overall business trends for future insights based on of KPIs through visually appealing graphics.

Surveillance & Cleanliness Across the City

It makes sure that each of the cameras deployed with the access control, entry gates, and exit gates are working correctly. With our enhanced AI framework, features like Face Recognition, Crowd Management, and Parking help improve cleanliness across the entire city

IT Infrastructure Management

The platform is managing the entire IT setup, including the Networks at large in the CCC building. The solution ensures that every unit is connected and communicates information as per the administrator's requirement. Our system gives an overall performance record, which helps maintain the optimum health of the entire IT Infrastructure.

NON-IT Facility Infrastructure Management

It monitors and manages all the NON-IT facility Infrastructure equipment, like DG sets, UPS, LT Panel and Street Lights, and Wireless network. The system ensures updated information of any system, and it helps in proactively solving any concern arising in any system, within premises, or at a remote location.

Emergency Response Management

The platform tackles emergencies like Accidents, Fire Incidents, Medical Emergencies, and other emergencies faced by city dwellers. The system can quickly alert nodal safety units like a fire station or a police station reducing the overall response time to any event.

SLA Management

All SLAs for Network Bandwidth, Cameras, IT Equipment, and NON-IT equipment are always under check. The system has a robust escalation model that takes care of any ticket raised within a standard response time so that operators are focused on channelizing and resolving the challenges

Inventory Management

It manages the upkeep of the inventories by the city. The idea is to enhance productivity by keeping an eye on the citizens' equipment bought by the town. Any changes in the status are quickly alerted on the system, which can be noted, and action is taken immediately

Helpdesk and Citizen Grievance Cell

Our solutions boast of a user-friendly helpdesk, where citizens can upload their problems and continue to check on the issue until it is resolved. The Knowledgebase & FAQ is part of the platform built right in the system from day one.

IIMS Deployment Advantages

• Infrastructure Insight
Production visibility of the city - IIMS gives 360 degrees view 24x7. The success of the tool is to reach five 9's. Considering all possibilities mapped on the business continuity side.

• Real-time Visualization
Bird's eye view on complete deployment is integrated with the preferred GIS. Making sure SOE (Standard Operating Environment) designed for the city is getting complied.

• Operation Efficiency
Optimize asset utilization in the city infrastructure. Predicting failures in various equipment and, at the same time, highlighting productivity losses wherever services are failing. Our endeavor is a quick resolution of the daily faced problems.

• Asset & Inventory Management
Thanks to our inter-systems macro and micro mapping capabilities, it quickly Identifies equipment to its location in the infrastructure. Asset lifecycle and resource modeling help in analyzing the effectiveness of city resources.

• Easy Analysis
Using the AI & ML for IoT processing, it analyzes the patterns of current & historical datasets. Say analysis of the streetlight luminosity vs. power used. DG & Fuel usage around the year, security incidents and severity ratios in an area, citizen issues and resolution ratio, incident recognition, and constant training model generation, to name a few.

• 24x7 Reporting
Advanced Reporting to avoid human errors. Predictive reporting to analyze the situation before failures and correcting them before any losses.

Application Area

• Smart City
• Campus
• Commercial Building
• Public Infrastructure
• Manufacturing Industry

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