Athenta ERS

Empowering citizens/workers with a safe and secure environment round the clock, while safeguarding the citizens/workers of any smart city or business premises

Athenta Emergency Response System (ERS)

Today communities are exposed to increased hazards associated with the industry like Fires, accidents, crime, power-failures, and proximity to natural risks such as wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and severe weather conditions. These demands require sophisticated, computerized systems to manage the volume of information needed for a safe and effective analytics-based insights and response by law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel to speed up decision making and time-to-action, keeping people, property, and infrastructure safe.

Athenta ERS

Athenta, Emergency Response System is an innovative solution to deal with various emergencies optimally. It handles large datasets of emergency incidents and process it into meaningful insights as actionable for the officials.

It ensures virtual dynamic groups/teams work in tandem. Responsibilities / Accountability for current and potential actions are recorded, and responses are reviewed to improve the processes. Info movement between individuals for various functions is transparent. The ERS platform works smoothly, considering that crises are a 24x7 occurrence.

One dedicated toll-free phone number with multiple hunting lines is available to the citizens. Centralized emergency control room at ICCC (Integrated Command & Control Centre) attends calls on a 24x7 basis, gathering required details on any distress, analyzing, and then dispatching help (police van/ambulance/fire) by passing the information to the relevant departments for necessary actions.

Athenta ERS Features

Integrable with ICCC Platform
ERS is an intelligent solution that easily integrates with the ICCC platform for enhanced services for city officials and citizens.

The Key Services Includes-
• Dispatch.
• Maintain Field Status & Resource.
• Retain & Capture Incident Data.
• Route Management.
• Incident Location.
• Dispatch Resources.
• Vehicle Location & Tracking.
• Integrated SLA & Escalation Management.
• Pre-defined SOP's for Faster & Quick Responses.
• Statistics on Events.
• Capacity Assessment of Resources.
• Forecasting of Impacts.
• Insights into the Operations.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Multiple dashboards for tracking emergency / Incidents, and timely response by the Police, Ambulance, Fire, & Civic Dept. in an emergency.

Superior Security System

Effective and smooth functionality of security and surveillance devices 24X7 for reducing and security risk as per essential security SOPs made for any infrastructure.

SLA Management

Check on all SLAs defined for network bandwidth, communications, links, cameras, supporting IT equipment, and non-IT equipment with robust time-based escalation model with recording.

Multi-Situation Management

• Immediate action on event generated by any device through alarms & visual alerts to concerned Fire, Police, Healthcare, or Municipal departments accordingly.

Athenta ERS Deployment Advantages

• Unified UI with connectivity to all the departments

• Active Availability and Performance monitoring of all critical and supporting systems and their interdependencies allow quick root cause analysis.

• Ensure Communication equipment and Communication channels are available and actively involved. Tracking of standby equipment's in case of secondary requirements.

• All the monitoring, tracking, and visualization of the ICCC consoles.

• Any accident reported in any area is immediately tracked and validated. Incidents are posted to the emergency response System either by Phone, e-mail, Social Media Accounts, or the Self-Service portal.

• AI + ML (Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning) technologies are used to process & take action proactively, thus minimizing human interactions. ERS solution manages all discrepancies with an automated workflow, customized for each project as the case needs.

• In case of any unprecedented eventuality, ERS will be responsible for evacuating people.

• On-the-fly Capacity Assessment of resources and its impact on the ground so that Response, Recovery, Mitigation, Preparedness factors are not affected.

Application Area

• Smart City
• Campus
• Large Buildings like Malls, Residential Colonies
• Manufacturing Industry

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