Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

A Datacenter today is the nerve center of any organization, where it resides all critical assets that drive 'Business Operations & Profitability' for the organisation. Service interruptions in a datacenter can cause significant 'Revenue Loss' and 'Increased Operational Cost'. It is thereby imperative that a Datacenter be measured only by its end-to-end service availability, for this we need to proactively maximize asset availability and performance, at all times. This in-turn requires holistic management of the datacenter, breaking silos between IT and Facilities infrastructure and managing interdependencies between them.

In today's world, all asset classes are managed individually through their individual consoles – data is marooned in islands that limit its usability and value potential. Athenta DCIM is an umbrella management for IT, Facility & Building infrastructure equipments. The DCIM product suite provides integrated infrastructure management across all assets in the datacenter while collaborating in a multi-vendor and multi-protocol environment. The appliance based solution does not add any vulnerability and has inbuilt capabilities to manage itself.

Athenta’s DCIM manages:

DCFM (Data Center Facility Management)

  • Fault & Performance: LT panels, DG sets, UPS
  • Facility Equipments: HVAC, PAC, FDS, RRD, VESDA & WLD.
  • Physical Security infrastructure: Access Control & CCTV.
  • Energy Equipments: Energy Meter, LT Panel, PDU, DG

ITSM (IT Service Management)

  • Fault & Performance: Applications, Servers, Database, Storage, Networks,
  • Switch, Router, Firewall & Virtual Environments, etc.
  • Inventory Management of all the IT and OT tools in the datacenter
  • Service Lifecycle Management