Infrastructure in the Indian Railways

Indian railways are one of the largest railway networks in the world, ferrying the world's largest population in rail terms. We still don’t have the kind of infrastructure, which much smaller countries have.

We need to focus on a few of the needs immediately –

  1. Overall safety and security of our stations, Which astonishly is at God's mercy. Miscreants can attach at will
  2. No. of people in the stations, especially on the floors. That means not enough waiting rooms
  3. Lack of toilets and Bathrooms
  4. Only a few stations would have food court
  5. Cleanliness

Athenta’s Transdaq and Vigilante are two tools focussed exclusively to manage Stations, and their platforms

  1. Access tickets to the platforms, which can lower the no. of people significantly
  2. Cameras with Artificial intelligence, which would certainly discourage miscreants of all levels
  3. Scheduled cleanliness, machine aided
  4. Scheduled maintenance work

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