Datacenter Productivity

A good DCIM tool should focus on increasing the opportunities for the DC manager to get more proactive and innovative.
DC manager should feel, a medical doctor with enough reports in his/her hand, to make the datacenter more efficient and productive.
The few critical reports, the DC manager should get from any DCIM tool are –

  1. Systems and equipments I have in my datacenter – Inventory management. With location information. (Which equipment/application – which rack)
  2. Is the computational power utilised, is proportional to the business generated by the DC
  3. All racks are still, well under the power allocated to them at a certain point of time
  4. Airconditioning requirement has not increased, beyond the threshold
  5. PUE is being maintained as per the mutual understanding of the DC management team

The above reports on DC stability would make the DC manager confident enough to decide, when to add more applications, systems, storage, etc to his/her DC racks. In fact when to add more DC racks
Further, for managing the regular operations, some other UI’s and dashboard information might help -

  1. Power usage, starting with a electrical SLD. For end to end understanding of the Electrical network of the DC.
  2. Overall CPU, Memory and IO information
  3. How are the ESXi’s working (virtual environment)
  4. Network management essentials
  5. Storage management essentials

Apart from the above, some very handy applications, such as

  1. Provisioning-deprovisioning of equipments on-off the DC Racks.
  2. Simulation of equipments for estimating the power usage and finally the PUE
  3. Historian for checking the security measures in the DC

Athenta DCeye helps the DC manager to take an informed decision.
We would encourage the DC manager to put a task together and try to achieve it in a given time frame.

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