The reason, for the CCTV projects in our Cities/Public places, not successful ?

CCTVs at the max can be equated with the human eyes, without comparing the incredible resolution of the human eye, estimated @ 576 Megapixel.
But these electronic eyes fail to capture the right images and action out decisions, because of many reasons. Few of them are -

    1. CCTVs not placed in the right positions required
    2. The FOV (field of view) is often changed
    3. The network BW between the CCTV and the storage server in the command control center is not adequate
    4. Power given to the IP CCTV not as per requirement
Say, the above problems are being taken careoff, as the CCTV technology is constantly evolving. We still need a decision making tool.
Athenta’s Vigilante is the answer to the above problems. We would make sure that the CCTV eye sight is perfect and it also makes decisions and save people from getting victimised.

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