Athenta Engineering Services (AES)

AES is a unique code, which brings the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) layer on the same plane as the Mediation Layer on the OSS stack, allowing seamless interaction amongst disparate devices in any infrastructure biggest advantage created by this piece of engineering is dependency management between two or more interlinked equipment running the infrastructure in tandem.

AES helps customers to make all equipment associated to any complex Infrastructure are delivering services as per designated SLAs. Athenta’s products are smart software-embedded appliances/devices. They monitor & control various infrastructure elements seamlessly through a single unified framework - servers, CCTV, storage, databases, transformers, breakers, energy, fire/security/protection, fixed/wireless network, pumps, AFC, PAS/PIDs, HVAC, UPS, DG, elevators, escalators and others via a single browser screen.

AES is a single platform, which provides wide product portfolio with diverse applications:

AES is an optimized solution for customized interaction with end-point devices over:

IP/SNMP; Analog; IEC60870/61850; Modbus; Lonworks/Bacnet.

It provides Multi-Mode Communication & QoS Management for Aggregation & Logic Driven Control Mechanisms to fetch the data over Information Dashboard/Presentation Layer.

AES Suite enables end to end IT & Infrastructure Management via a tightly integrated Fabric. It has flexible Third Party Integration through ‘Open Framework’ to integrate with any third-party tools/Applications via (SNMP, Web service, API- Soap/xm; & at DB level).

AES makes sure that the operational efficiency of the complex infrastructure is achieved on all accounts. Following is the Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) for AES: