AOMS provides a 360-degree view of your IT services and standardizes your IT business processes in line with ITIL standards. With Athenta AOMS - people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability and reduce operational costs.

Athenta Operations Management System (AOMS)

It is essential to have a proactive system, which ensures availability, continuity, and adequate quality of service as part of any business requirements. IT & Non-IT services need to be defined and monitored continuously against the associated Service Level Agreements (SLA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Underpinning Contracts (UC), or Operation Level Agreements (OLA). A facility to inform the manager through reports and impact analysis when ticket events must be completed, drive escalations, and non-conformance reporting.

A system that can automatically track, prioritize, and report the incident information needs to be delivered efficiently, e.g., showing which customer services are supported or whether the system is tracking their time and renewal date correctly.

Athenta OMS

AOMS provides a 360-degree view of Infrastructure services, IT or NON-IT services, and standardizes business processes in line with ITIL standards. With AOMS, People, Processes, and Technology work in synergy to increase profitability and reduce operational costs. It Organizes, Automates and Synchronizes business processes to serve the customers efficiently and offers Comprehensive SLA Management, besides delivering the standard ITIL processes, Service Automation.

A comprehensive Dashboard for projecting all the micro and macro-level information of an asset with details like, graphically enhanced incidents, impact analysis, vendor contract management, and value-driven SLAs.

The platform unifies systems working in silos like, Request Management, Work-Order Request Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Management, Data Administration, and various System-level configurations under one Umbrella

AOMS Features

Comprehensive Helpdesk Dashboard

An ideal solution for incident analysis and reporting with personalized views through statistical widgets, incident views, incident ratio, impacted areas, intuitive graphs, insight reports, and vibrant visuals. It highlights KPIs, key performance indicators and tracks overall business trends overtime to give the operator an Easy & Immediate Insight of the situation.

Incident Management

It captures, tracks incidents and addresses both Incident Management and Problem Management comprehensive workflows helping speed-up the resolution of end-user issues and identify defects in the infrastructure.

Service Management

AOMS helps the Infrastructure team to work under pre-defined time constraints depending on the nature of a problem. Once SLAs are defined and implemented in AOMS, it tracks SLAs' compliance and ensures user satisfaction.
AOMS also provides the functionality to create escalations for SLAs as well as notification alerts. AOMS also has a built-in contract management module that allows IT operations to document all the contracts they have under their control.

Change Management

It includes a complete Change Management module to track and manage all change requests to reduce the impact of changes on the business and increase visibility and communication changes.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Single-model CMDB for equipment registration providing a logical model of the infrastructure by automatically identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying the records of Configuration Items (CIs). It records relationships between CIs via maps and business rules for a quick analysis of dependencies within infrastructure, it's impact, and fix.

Reports & Analysis

Explore and analyze data using multiple dimensions such as customer, product, network, and time. It provides detailed information on every incident that occurred defined SLAs. It also includes information on the number of events per equipment along with its criticality for detailed analysis

Athenta AOMS Deployment Advantages

• Quickly route requests to the right support.
• Increase productivity for helpdesk agents, support staff, and users.
• Track performance against a service level agreement to ensure that commitments are met.
• Identify root causes to eliminate recurring incidents.
• Search solutions with the help of specified keywords.
• Facilitates impact and analysis of changes concerning Cis.
• Reduce call support duration and volumes.
• Establishes a historical record of service disruptions and resolutions for reuse and analytics.
• Provides the ability to perform business/service impact Analysis and prepare pre and postimplementation and back out plans.
• Users can describe the CIs impacted by a change, as well as the contacts to be notified

Application Area

•Operations & Maintenance
• Asset & Inventory
• SLA Management

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