Bi TrakTM

Athenta Bi Trak is a low-cost BMS tool. It can monitor and manage various installations in any building. The idea is to ensure that the building doesn’t get affected when the infrastructure subsystems start malfunctioning.

Athenta Building Management Solution (BiTrak)

Traditionally, the Building Management System manages several standalone controllers, inputoutput extensions, and specific automation applications for monitoring, controlling, and fine-tuning various facility systems. However, today, managing various emerging applications is complicated, especially when the list continues to grow. It is indeed a tedious task while controlled through a Building Management System.

The demands on the intelligence of buildings have continuously increased in recent years, where Efficient & integrated management of systems working in silos. It should also reduce carbon footprint and give a good Return on Investment.

Athenta BiTrak

Athenta BiTrak is our 21st-century Building Management Solution on an Appliance form-factor, providing full-stack integration of numerous systems and subsystems, including Power, Cooling, Security, and Access Control, i.e., equipment's like HVAC, DG sets, UPS, Fire Systems, Pumps, Elevators, Escalators, Lighting. It provides an Energy-efficient Smart building by Monitoring & Optimizing Energy Consumption, improves Performance, Productivity, and Reducing overall costs.

A built-in Security module manages Safety & Security setups like Surveillance with Access Control. Operations and Maintenance management is integrated with our platform.

Few of the challenges it overcomes are:
• Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.
• Increase tenant satisfaction and loyalty.
• Protect tenants with non-intrusive security methods.
• Lower operating costs.
• Maintain buildings and comply with regulations.
• Manage modern buildings' technology and systems.
• Improve building safety.
• Reap maximum ROI.
• Statistical Information 24x7

Athenta BiTrak Features

Electrical Network

Our solution digitally maps the entire electrical network and electrical subsystems that are spread across the building. Our UI facilitates mapping of the performance statistics for monitoring power usage, 24x7.

Energy Meter Reading

Regular Energy meter reading is analyzed to determine floor wise power consumption against expectations. It helps in power management and reduces overall cost.

Managing The HVAC

BiTrak connects with the CPM (Chiller Plant Manager) and manages HVAC performance. It tunes according to predefined patterns based on the people's requirements and weather conditions. It even provides desired insights through statistics collected and analyzed.


It monitors adequate water distribution across the Buildings with more parameters to follow, like water purity, pressure, tank capacity, and consumption ratio for various areas & zones.


It seamlessly manages safety solutions with the help of a built-in Visitor Management System. Using AI & ML framework provides required authorization to people and vehicles and, at the same time, stops unauthorized movements via CMDB driven workflow engine, which also helps in saving and analyzing events.

Athenta BiTrak Deployment Advantage

• Infrastructure Insight
It gathers complete information on every individual device and subsystems for better predictability.

• Operation Efficiency
SLA based operations management suite to achieve higher operational efficiency. It manages the Turn-Around-Time and time-bound escalations, thus reducing the downtime/delay of any equipment.

• Real-time Visualization
Our 2D/3D layouts help the operators and owners visualize the affected and impacted sections of the building, including electrical, communications, water distribution, security, or access control, capturing and analyzing the root cause.

• Real-Time Alerts
Real-time validated alerts by event correlation to foresee the impact of any failure to be, possibly address with predictive thresholds. The designed system pinpoints the exact equipment, thus helping in finding a location with ease.

• Manage Supply & Demand
BiTrak helps to understand the amount of power usage and evaluate if it is higher or lower than the actual assumption. Similarly, the amount of Diesel needed for the Backup powered DG sets.

• Manage Energy
It reduces the energy consumption by using various technological measures & processes and using AI+ML for capacity forecasting. It translates into significant financial savings and a much more efficient & practical approach for meeting green goals.

• Asset Lifecycle
Effective life cycle management of connected devices, systems, & subsystems. The data generated by a smart building provides vital insights that can be fed into the planning for making use of the resources more efficiently and increase its utilization.

• Inventory
With our built-in Inventory module, the identification of equipment to its location in the building infrastructure is much easier and quicker. Asset Inventory modeling helps in analyzing the statistical values of any assets.

Application Area

• Building
• Hospitals
• Campus
• Manufacturing Industry

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